Winter Tire School

What You Will Learn

At The Michelin Winter Tire school you will learn skills & gain knowledge that will greatly improve your ability to sell MAST winter products. Please print the Benefits Of The School page & show it to your supervisor. We can only train you if your attend the school.


The school is designed to balance classroom technology & product presentations with hands on experience of the tires capabilities. You will experience first hand the benefits of MAST winter tires with a group of instructors who will help you understand how the tires perform, who the target consumer is, what technologies provide the performance & how to turn the information into sales. Selling is so much easier if you have personally experienced the benefit of a tire. Don’t think you are attending the class just to get out of work for a few days or knock over some cones but we guarantee you will have a lot of fun learning some of the most valuable tire technology available.


Click here for a complete list of the specific knowledge and skills you will learn.