LT Tire School

Before Arriving


Michelin and The 4x4 Center look forward to hosting you in Vermont for the Michelin Tire Experience. This information will help you prepare, for a great learning experience. 


Weather in Vermont varies dramatically from hot to cold and wet to dry. Often in one day you can experience big swings. The information below will ensure that Summer or Winter, you know what to bring to maximize your comfort during one of the most exciting driving classes you will attend.



What to expect when you get here:

  • Classes at The Tire Experience begin indoors but, they quickly move outside, where we move between vehicles as we experience different tires, in different driving conditions.
  • Regardless of whether it is Winter or Summer, warm or cold, these classes are primarily held outdoors. 
  • Seating and protection from the elements are available, but to be comfortable, you want to be prepared to spend up to 1hour at a time outside, regardless of the temperature or conditions.


First - Check the Local Weather for our Location. 

  • This link provides access to a weather station located near our Training Center: https://www.wunderground.com/forecast/us/vt/richmond/KVTRICHM19
  • Prepare to spend time outside at the warmest and coldest points of the day.
  • If it’s going to rain, bring rain gear.
  • If it’s going to snow, bring boots that are suitable both for driving, and walking in the snow. (Huge boots are not ideal for driving in)
  • If it’s going to be hot, consider sunscreen and light layers.
  • Keep in mind though, that The Training Center is located on top of a mountain where weather changes quickly, often without warning, and can present extreme conditions at times. 


Summer clothing suggestions:

  • Come prepared for cooler than expected mornings, the day will warm up, but a light jacket or sweatshirt is good to have.
  • Footwear that can get wet in the event it rains, or you step in a puddle. Footwear should have a closed top and laces for protection of your feet; flip flops are dangerous both for walking and driving.
  • Sunscreen, hat, sunglasses

Have a change of foot wear ready for your journey home.

With a few basic preparations, you are now ready for the adventure of a lifetime. We look forward to seeing you when you arrive at The 4x4 Training Center for the Tire Experience!